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2016 Domaine Gassier Lou Coucardie Costieres de Nimes Rouge 750 ml

Grape Varietal: Based on current vintages, the Lou Coucardie Rouge is typically a blend dominated by Mourvèdre (around 50%), with Grenache (around 30%) and Syrah (around 15%) filling out the mix. The 2016 vintage might have a slightly different composition, but Mourvèdre is likely the lead grape.

Region: Costieres de Nimes, Rhone Valley, France

Style: Given the grape varietals and the region, this would be a full-bodied red wine with potential for complexity.

Possible Aromas and Flavors: Since Mourvèdre is prominent, expect aromas and flavors leaning towards dark fruits like blackberries and plums, with hints of spice (black pepper, licorice) and earthiness. Grenache might contribute red fruit character and some floral notes, while Syrah could add depth and a touch of smokiness.

Aging Potential: The 2016 vintage is approaching maturity for a wine of this style. While some information suggests it could be enjoyed up to 2030 [Wine Access], it might be past its prime depending on storage conditions.

Reviews and Ratings: Unfortunately, I couldn't find any specific reviews or ratings for the 2016 Lou Coucardie Rouge. Wine Advocate's review [Wine Advocate #228 – Dec 2016] discusses the 2015 vintage, highlighting its structure, medium to full body, and notes of black raspberry, crushed violets, and graphite. This gives a general idea of the profile but might not exactly reflect the 2016.

Food Pairing: This wine would likely pair well with rich and flavorful dishes like grilled red meat (steak, lamb), roasted vegetables, hearty stews, or aged cheeses.

Overall: The 2016 Domaine Gassier Lou Coucardie Costieres de Nimes Rouge was likely a full-bodied and complex red wine from a reputable producer in the Southern Rhone Valley. If you have the chance to try it, consider the potential for it to be past its prime depending on storage conditions.

Costieres de Nimes
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